Local Music Finds New Home In Indy

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Local Music Finds New Home In Indy

Local Music Finds New Home In Indy


Hello, Indianapolis.

Soundspace is coming to Indy Fall of 2019. Built by professional musicians and audio engineers, the doors of our home will open to you all.

We are a 24/7 rehearsal space, recording studio, and all-ages venue offering memberships to the local music community, landmarked in the Circle City Industrial Complex.

Soundspace will be a home for all artists to connect, rehearse, and record.

Your Home For Music

Soundspace empowers all of Indianapolis’ artists to independently grow and creatively collaborate without breaking the bank. We are building a platform for you all to stand on and your voices to be heard from. And by opening our doors wider to the music industry than ever before, we are going to allow more artists to grow than ever before.


a new economic model

Opening the doors to a musical career means more than providing bricks and mortar, or high-quality gear. We are presenting the music industry with a new economic model, one that allows music-making to be both affordable and practical.

How does it work?

For local artists, the key is combining affordable memberships with hourly bookings. By sharing the space with your community, the cost to bands and artists goes down exponentially.

For the local industry, Soundspace offers partner programs. providing a large membership base of session-ready musicians. This creates landbridge between the artist and industry and empowers both with equal-footing.

In short, our research-based model encourages collaboration instead of competition. It allows us to set the table for a community feast, rather than a fight for scraps.

Want to know more? Ask us anything or find us on Social: @sndspc #sndspc

Coming fall 2019

It is our goal to provide solid ground beneath every artists’ feet. We look forward to you, the people and artists of Indianapolis, making Soundspace your home, too.