The Summer Journey Event Indianapolis

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The Summer Journey Event Indianapolis


August 16, 2019

A premier summer rooftop celebration uniting people, culture, and community under the sun! Benefiting a great cause #TheTimStrongFoundation

Fashion, Networking, and Rooftop Views!


"Cours", French for Course, is a fashion and everyday apparel clothing line. Cours has been developed as a line that appeals to Men and Women in the U.S. Market and throughout the World. Cours is not merely a fashion statement; rather, it is designed to represent a bold cultural statement through it's a positive message to the world.

Coursrepresents a path, a course of action, a lifestyle, and a modern revelation. Many souls walk through life doing the "360's" and end up where they began, constantly on autopilot, ending up in unimaginable places and seeking answers.

Coursrepresents the road to find answers to an individual's desperate search. Cours symbolizes finding that direction and passion. To find your calling, Coursrepresents staying true to the journey.

Founder and CEO Andrew Walker is a 25-year-old Entrepreneur. Graduating from Uindy with an undergrad degree in business administration and a masters in business strategic leadership and design, Andrew played 4 years of college football where he rushed for 3,000+ yards, and is now passionate about running his business The Heartland Builders and getting the COURS Mission / Vision in front of everyone to see and hear.

You're officially invited to join the summer celebration event of Indianapolis! "The Summer Journey" is a unique event bringing people from all walks of life together. Showcasing Cours's new summer clothing line, this event is located at the 9 on CanalRooftop between 7pm-11pm on August 16th, 2019. Come and enjoy an evening filled with premier networking, live performances, an open beer/wine bar, rooftop views, and get an exclusive look at the very anticipated PLUG mobile application (A new tool that will help people network more efficiently and effectively with other individuals).

Coordinated by one of Indianapolis's top Event Planning / Marketing Companies Novelty Growth, whose mission is to bring like-minded creative individuals together in order to help people Create, Network, and Grow. This event will have a live performance provided by one of Indy's new up and coming music studio/recording companies Soundspace, live interactive art by Gingerelly, awesome music by DJ Kimanisho, and a surprise treat from one of Indy's local dessert shops!

25% of all proceeds from this event will benefit The Tim Strong Foundation. Officer Tim Jones, A Uindy Alum and Park Forest, Illinois Police Officer who was shot and critically wounded three years ago. Tim is recovering from gunshot injuries to his head from responding to a burglary call on March 19, 2016. Having served less than one year with the park forest police department.

Please come out, have fun, enjoy the weather, music, the new Cours gear, and help out a former Uindy student, and football standout, Tim Jones!